Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name Dots

Nickname no nickname

Age 9

Hometown L.A.

Favorite Movie series Sand Lot

Favorite Sports baseball

Favorite Book series Diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite Colors green

Height 2 inches

Weight 1 pound

Eye Color black

Feather Colors blue green yellow and orange

Personality cool

Best Character Trait over joyed

Hobbies playing baseball, reading

Most Embarrassing Moment he spilled spaghetti on him!

Best Memory when he got a new best friend

Awards Won a big trophy

Plans for the Future to be a baseball player


Add your nightly journal entries below.
Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph!
Have fun!

Example Journal Entry:
Today was a blast! First, I (give a detail with adjectives and adverbs here). Next, I (give another detail and maybe use some dialogue with action here). After that, I (more details with good adjectives/adverbs-NOT overused boring words). Finally or Last, I (more details). I wish all days could be like today.

Today was a blast! First, I did math with my friend Avery. I did fun multiplicand problems and they were easy! Next, I had a delicious snack of crunchy veggie sticks,and a soft strawberry fruit bar. After that, I did a ven diagram about bess beetles and then one about cray fish, how they are they are the same and different. Last, my favorite part of the day was, I read Diary of a wimpy kid. Its a comedy chapter book about a boy and it takes him through his days. Its my favorite book! I wish all days could be like today.

wednesday was another great day! First, I did division in math , it was easy because I'm a smart turkey! During math, I went to my turkey brothers class for show and tell. The first grade kids asked me alot of questions. After that, I did a social studies test on Michigan. Then I read a Diary of a wimpy kid book. I got to page 103! Finally, I went to Spanish class where I played a game called four corners
Thursday: was a great day! first I did math and we were playing a game where you are supposed to name the answer of the division answer .And after that I did science and in science I did a thing were you are supposed to match the answer to its match.and then I went on a field trip and I learnd that it was a hard time back then but fun.

Tuesday 11-10-15

Wednesday 11-11-15

Thursday 11-12-15

Friday 11-13-15